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Welcome to the Shop!

As you may know, Dr Corvus is a keen collector of Victorian accoutrements and paraphernalia, occult and esoteric items, and indeed, many other eclectic curiosities and ornaments. As people often ask him where he obtained such possessions, he thought it might be appropriate to add a small shop to the website where those interested in such trifles might find links to suitable purveyors.

As the shop is still very much in its infancy (we only opened Autumn 2022) there is not yet a great deal to be seen. On a similar note, currently everything here is fulfilled by Amazon (with this website acting as an Amazon Associate) but we hope to add both more items and more retailers as time allows, so please do keep checking back and also subscribe to the site (here) for updates on new items of interest. Some updates regarding the shop will also occasionally appear in The Corvus Magazine & Miscellany.

Thanks for stopping by.

Best, Castle Tower Agency Team



All the products below are fulfilled by associate retailers (e.g. Amazon) so most Ad-Blockers will block them - you will need to turn off your ad-blocker (or mark this page safe) otherwise you will just see empty grey boxes.


As you've noticed, pretty much everyone in Altcastle owns a Claret Jug... it's just one of life's most basic necessities - how else can one pour? So, here are a few that the good doctor likes, some quite expensive - others not so!


Stressful day? No-one listening to you? Need to let off a little steam?

Mr Justice Bender knows the way - he's a real master!

What better way to relax than banging your gavel while shouting:

"Beakery! Beakery! Everyone is guilty... guilty, I say! Silence in Court!"


More items coming soon! So check back or subscribe to be updated by email!

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