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I've always liked puzzles, quizzes and riddles, and so I asked the website folks to include a puzzles page - and here it is! Now, some of these puzzles are very easy and some are a bit more difficult; some are based on a general knowledge of literature, art or music, while others are based upon my novel "The Lyme Brook Mist" - itself full of puzzles, although few, if any, are actually flagged as such! The reader has to discover them, as they hide inconspicuously enough within the text of the narrative.

Now, the most interesting part of all this is that for solving puzzles (not always the really easy ones - they're often just for fun), puzzle solvers will be rewarded with free tickets for the various Prize Draws which are held at regular intervals throughout the year. Sometimes there may even be a special ad hoc prize draw, if the Countess sees fit. All of this is explained on the Prize Draws page in much more detail, so do go there and have a look.

Each puzzle is tagged with a reference code and you will  need to enter this on the Answer Page when you put your answer in so we know exactly which puzzle your answer is for. 

In addition to puzzles, I will also from time to time post some mysteries.

"What's the difference?" you might ask.

"Well," I might reply, "the difference may, for the time being, remain a mystery." 

Good luck!


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