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When is the sequel to "The Lyme Brook Mist" coming out?

Question from Helen P. Edinburgh, Scotland.

"When is the sequel to "The Lyme Brook Mist" coming out? I really love the first book and I want to know if Leo finds the baddies and what happens next!"

Anton has already done the plan outline and will start to tour and photograph the various areas of Newcastle-under-Lyme that will feature in the next book over the summer. He is very fussy that everything is geographically accurate, so he insists on going to all the places that feature and wandering around them taking pictures which he then marries up with his collection of Victorian Ordnance Survey maps.

He expects to start writing the book in the autumn as he has another novel, "The Divine Day Trip", and a poetry anthology to finish before he can start writing the sequel.

Thanks for your question.

Best, Castle Tower Agency Team.

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