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Welcome to! Today is our Grand Opening Day! Please join us!

After many months of planning and designing, coding and editing, we have finally achieved our goal and the site is live!

Of course, there is still a lot more to do, and we will soon start posting all of the content we have built up over the last few years - it will no doubt take a few more months before the site is fully populated with all of Anton's various works of literature, poetry and art.

As you will see as you explore the site, there is a lot of content, and that content will only increase over time. Anton loves games, particularly quizzes and riddles, so we have created a number of opportunities for fans to interact with the site, especially in terms of Altcastle and the many heroes (and miscreants) thereof. Please check back regularly as this aspect of the site evolves - we have a lot of plans in place but it will take many additional hours of work spread over many weeks to get all of those plans coded and uploaded.

We have also, at Anton's request, made provision to feature works by his friend's and have included a special section of the site which will focus on mindfulness and other mental health issues, as that is something he is very keen on.

The site has been designed and will be maintained by Castle Tower Consulting (we are Anton's Literary Agent). The navigation has a deliberately unusual layout which we hope you find fun to use. We hope you enjoy the site and come back often!

Best, Castle Tower Team

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