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The Saviour Abandons Man

Alexander J. Farrell’s meditation on the End Times uses a terrifying vision of the Last Judgment to assist readers in thinking about the world we have collectively created, our place in it and our behaviour towards each other. The book comprises a narrative poem which extends to well over a thousand words, divided into three cantos, together with a useful introduction and full-text commentary by metaphysicist Anton Corvus, which fully explains the text for those not so used to meditative poetry and metaphysical ideas.

The poem itself is beautifully written with a combination of iambic and trochaic metres and a meticulously crafted rhyme scheme. Readers will be simultaneously delighted by the use of language and alarmed by what it describes.

In addition to the poem and commentary, seventeen full-colour original artworks were commissioned by the author to illustrate some of the work’s key themes. These artworks were then created by Anton Corvus specifically for this book and had never been published or publicly displayed previously.

The book is suitable for both Christian believers, specifically as a meditation, and non-believers alike, and will also be of special interest to admirers of William Blake. As Anton Corvus points out in the introduction, the book is heavily influenced by Blake, both in terms of its poetic structure and its eschatological theme; its representation of God in Canto III is also highly reminiscent of Blake’s Urizen.

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