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"The Golden Treasury of Selected School Works" Second Edition Out Now! Congratulations, Spike!

The book that divided a village – well, its library book club at least – “The Golden Treasury of Selected School Works” comprises an intriguing collection of bizarre, nonconformist and facetious school works, coupled with entertaining interviews with their respective authors. The interviews themselves constitute a veritable treasure trove of ludicrous opinions and insane dialogues between the interviewer and book author, Spike Potter, and a range of former high school students who have responded to a mysterious advertisement placed in a local newspaper by the said Mr Potter – himself an unusual and eccentric character who is for some reason fascinated by people’s classwork and homework from decades ago. Why is Spike Potter so fascinated by these things, and what does he really want from these people?

Now in Second Edition!

As per the description, this work has had some very polarised reviews. Here are some comments from the First Edition:

  • “A truly ‘marmite’ sort of book – you will either really hate it or really love it.”

  • “I enjoyed this book… but it is very, very weird!”

  • “I think it’s supposed to be slightly amusing, but it’s so bad it’s unintentionally hilarious!”

  • “Spike Potter needs help; I hope he can sell enough copies to get some!”

  • “A near definitive exercise in narcissism.”

  • “As an alternative title, I would suggest: The deranged musings of an egocentric lunatic.”

  • “A work distinguished only by being as vacuous as it is pointless.”

  • “The mind boggles as to the state of the author’s mind – poor soul.”

  • “Over a hundred pages of waste paper.”

  • “An absolute tour de force of mind-numbing hokum!”

  • “You name it, and this is a waste of it!”

  • “Hiding beneath the veil of inanity, there lurks a veritable feast of philosophical conversation.”

  • “A masterpiece of dialogue, comparable to the works of Plato.”

  • “Undoubtedly, the work of a great creative genius!”

  • “A most interesting and informative volume. I eagerly await a sequel.”

  • “Epigrammatic, scholarly and lucid. An outstanding piece of literary journalism!”

  • “A masterful work of educational subversion.”

  • “Worthier of study than casual reading.”

Spike's epic tour de force in literary journalism is available in Kindle eBook (kindle unlimited), Paperback and LARGE PRINT Hardback.

To see more please click the link below (you may need to turn off your Ad Blocker to see the link):

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