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The Bravest Little Lamb

The second edition of Anton Corvus' classic tale of bravery in the face of grave peril was recently published by Lamplight Press in a new trim size of 8" x 10".

The story follows the fortunes of nine little lambs who live happily together in a forest clearing, but when a terrible storm causes disaster at the lambs’ shack, one of them must face the dangers of the dark forest to save the others.

The Bravest Little Lamb steps up to the task and risks all to save his friends from the big bad wolves who want to eat them all up.

He must get to town and back before the sun sets, but it’s already late in the day.

Can the Little Lamb run fast enough?

Will he make it back home in time?

The story is beautifully illustrated by talented artist Karyna Kozhyna and is a tale of true heroism and excitement that moves along at a fast pace and is all written in rhyme.

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