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Congratulations to Joseph Wyndham for his new thriller: "Masquerade".

As an oblivious general population slumber along in their mundane lives, they are totally unaware of the criminal links between the corridors of power and some of the world’s largest corporations.

One small group of activist hackers discovers a plot – a plot so audacious that no one would ever believe it. Should they trust the authorities? Who can they trust and who not? Only one man has the necessary skills to find out, and he is a thief; stealing secrets is his game. But can he track down the plotters before they find him?

The stakes could not be higher: the very existence of western democracy will be a distant memory if he fails.

Masquerade is available on Amazon in Kindle Edition, Paperback and Hardback. To see more please click the link below (you may need to turn off any Ad Blockers to see the link):

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