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Reading (and occasionally writing) poetry has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life. Even as a small child I loved words that rhymed and I can still remember how excited I was to learn The Jumblies poem in school - I suppose I would have been about 6 years old then. In fact, I so loved The Jumblies that I asked my mother if she could buy me a book of other similar poems and so it was that I got my first poetry book around age 7 - The Nonsense of Edward Lear, or something like that. I went on to read and memorise such delights as The Owl and the Pussycat, The Daddy Long-legs and the Fly and The Table and the Chair, to name but a few. After Lear, I moved onto Lewis Carroll, and all his mad characters, and then onto more serious works from there... but it was the nonsense poets who first brought me to poetry and all its ethereal charms.

At High School, we were issued with two principle poetry books, one in English - the world famous Palgrave's Golden Treasury, and one in Latin - the less well known Libellus. Of the two, Palgrave's was much my favourite!

At the time of writing, I am currently working on an anthology of English poems myself and making (I think) reasonable progress - hopefully I can finish it in the next few months.

Anyway, enough introduction; what is intended for this page is that I post a poem per month at least which I will most certainly do initially at least, as I have several already finished.

Any comments would be most welcome!

Thanks for reading, 


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