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The Corvus Magazine & Miscellany

First Issue Published Winter 2022/23

The Corvus Magazine & Miscellany is a new quarterly digital magazine concentrating predominantly on poetry and art but also including other literary forms, such as articles, short stories, and sometimes possibly commentary on musical matters as well.


Each Issue will also contain a crossword puzzle, art and poetry competitions, and a small amount of humour based around my novel The Lyme Brook Mist and one of my all-time favourite literary characters, the Cheshire Cat.

The Corvus Magazine & Miscellany is modelled on such treasures as Blackwood's (1817 - 1980), Bentley's  (1836 - 1868) and The New Monthly Magazine (1814 - 1884), to name but three of the many hundreds that once existed. 

Cover_Winter_2022 JPG.jpg

It is also similar in some ways to the original Strand Magazine (1891 - 1950) which is probably most famous for serialising Conan-Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories. Similar to the aforementioned titles, our Magazine & Miscellany has been formatted in a Victorian style with appropriate fonts and page ornaments. Our cover, we believe, would not look out of place on any 1880’s newsstand.

The magazine is available to anyone entirely free of charge, so just enter your details below to susbcribe and each edition will be emailed to your inbox when published. 


Register below to subscribe to the Corvus Magazine & Miscellany - it's 100% free of charge! 

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A Short Message from Anton Corvus

Publishing a Magazine & Miscellany, which comprises poetry and art, and also some prose (both fiction & non-fiction), all in one place, has been a long-held aspiration of mine, and although initially, most of the material published will be from my friends and me, I do want this to become a publication that is accessible to literally anyone of any ability or age, from anywhere in the world, to exhibit their own work and gain access to the public exposure that every poet, writer and artist needs. We want to particularly encourage young writers, poets, and artists to send in their work for others to see - this includes writers still at school! As I said - any age! 

Those of us who do write or paint (whether physically or digitally) all know that we don't do it for only ourselves to read or look at - all artists and writers need an audience and I hope with my Magazine & Miscellany to provide that to as many people as possible. The magazine is available to anyone in the world entirely free of charge, but if you can possibly afford to help us out with costs, then please go over to Patreon and support the project there. 

I hope also over time, that the subscribers to my Magazine & Miscellany will come to form an international community of like-minded people, based around the philosophy of a willingness to consider other people's perspectives, opinions and forms of expression - however unusual or controversial they might be. We have also set up a subreddit for the community where anyone can post what they like (within reason!), exchange ideas and ask questions -

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