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"For some reason I've always liked writing on blackboards. Even as a child, whenever a teacher asked for a volunteer to come up to the blackboard and write something, I was always the first to put my hand up - even when I had no idea what the answer was, or what I was going to write." (Anton Corvus)

And so, in keeping with Anton's love of blackboards, we have chosen a blackboard theme for the intro to most of this website's pages. On this page, you will find all of the posts made to the various pages of the site in simple chronological order. Each of the posts is tagged with its theme, e.g., Poetry, Altcastle, Mindfulness et cetera, so you can search the posts based on your interests. You are most welcome to sign up to the site for free and post any comments you may have! 


To comment on blog posts you will need to become a site member. This is entirely free of charge and we do not under circumstances sell or share your email address with anyone else. To comply with Data Protection Laws (GDPR) you will need to "Make Your Profile Public" to post or comment on our blog, otherwise, no one will be able to see your comments. To do this, when the box (as shown) appears on your screen, you will just need to click the "Confirm" button.

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