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Artwork by Anton Corvus will be posted on this page from time to time. Most of Anton's new artwork will be published initially either in his new magazine, The Corvus Magazine & Miscellany (link here), or on his Patreon feed (link here), and will only appear on this page several months after initial publication. For this reason, there won't be a huge amount of art to see here for the first few months after the website's launch although we do plan to post a couple of pieces each month. By way of an introduction to Anton's artwork, we asked him to put a few paragraphs together below to explain what he does and why.

Best, Castle Tower Agency Team.

"I only became seriously interested in art when I was in my early twenties and read Vasari's Lives of the Artists (Giorgio Vasari - "The Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects"). That provided me with a solid introduction to medieval and renaissance art but naturally, due to its publication date of 1568 and then Vasari's death in 1574, it was necessarily limited in terms of the period it covered - ending of course part way through the Renaissance. In fact, and few people know this, it is to Vasari that we owe the very term The Renaissance (meaning the rebirth) as it was first used by Vasari in his preface to the Lives of the Artists - as he wrote in Italian the actual word he used was "rinascita" and renaissance is the French form thereof. But how typical of me to digress when I was asked to simply write an introduction to my own artworks - I must endeavour to stay focussed! 

So, back to my artworks... without further meanderings I will say that I am a very amateur artist indeed - to call me a novice would be to greatly overstate my ability! I would place myself in the lower levels of pre-novice in fact. My three main focuses are Abstract Art, Landscape Art and an admixture of Narrative and Conceptual Art (not concept art - that is something different). I only produce art electronically (mainly from my own photographs) because I am a terrible drawer and painter. If anyone wants a physical piece of my art then I use Giclée.

Landscape and Abstract Art speak their own definitions and I will not labour the exploration of Conceptual Art here (I will try to make a video about it when time permits) other than to explain that it is art in which the concept(s) or idea(s) involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic, technical, and material concerns. Narrative Art is art that tries to tell a story or tell the viewer of the art piece "what is happening". As you will see from the collection of pictures which I created to illustrate "The Saviour Abandons Man", I have tried to tell the reader/viewer both what is going on in the text of the poem (narrative art) and then either what the people subject to that narrative feel or think about what is happening to them or around them, or what the emotion of the picture is, e.g., fear, contempt, et cetera (conceptual art). I hope the pictures do that even though they are certainly not masterpieces in terms of their execution."



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