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Good nowzeen dear reader/art lover/philosopher/time traveller - a very warmzeen welcome to you!

This website has been created at the behest of Castle Tower Consulting Ltd, a Literary Consultancy based in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside a few miles west of the medieval county town of Stafford. We act as agent for Dr Anton Corvus and we have designed this website to showcase his work. The website was built by Websmiths (link in footer) to our exact specification. As you will see when you explore it, the site is laid out somewhat differently to a normal website and we hope that you find it fun to navigate! The little mice running around, spinning links and other trifles were all our own ideas!

This page will contain news and updates about the website and what projects Anton has in mind. Please leave any comments about the site here also - maybe you love the look of it, or maybe you hate it - either way please tell us!

As part of our marketing strategy for Anton, he will also be launching (or starting to use!) various social media channels to promote his wonderful work. He is not the most technically minded author we know, that's for sure, and getting him to adopt 21st century working practices has not been an easy matter - notwithstanding we think that what he has to say will be of interest to many people, both existing fans of his and new potential readers of his work.

Lastly, once you have looked around, and if you like his work, please consider becoming a Patreon patron so that he can spend more time creating! Link here.

Thank you for visiting, thank you for reading, and we do hope that you will find some things here to interest you! Let us know!

Best, Castle Tower Agency Team.

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